90-year-old Pump Station CFRP Strengthening



The Louisville Water Company’s Zorn Avenue facility is a historic icon of the city. At 90 plus years old, the Pump Station building is still in use today. Deterioration of the structure and changes in its use resulted in the floor system being inadequate for the owner’s needs. The existing structure was assessed and found to be an ideal candidate for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) strengthening. The deteriorated concrete elements were cleaned and restored to original profile, but still needed the added strength of CFRP for shear and bending. The lightweight strengthening allowed for a leveling surface repair of the sagging slab above while also increasing the ultimate load capacity. There was no reduction in clearance below and the solution allowed for the basement to remain in-service during construction. The scope also included masonry repairs & replacements and crack injections.

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