Our Louisville office team volunteered with Project Warm to help members of the community get ready for the upcoming winter. The team visited elderly and physically challenged residents in Jefferson County to fix air leaks and install plastic interior window covers.

Early on a chilly Saturday morning, the Cornerstone team arrived at the LGE building in downtown Louisville. The place was buzzing with hundreds of volunteers. In attendance were high school students, families, church groups, and small, local, and national businesses, all huddled under a massive (and well-heated) tent. People enjoyed a breakfast of coffee, sausage and cheese biscuits, and donuts while watching a live demonstration on how to winterize windows.

Armed with Home Depot buckets full of materials, the group spent half a day covering a total of 19 windows, which will help keep the cold air at bay while also saving the tenants up to 25% on their heating bill.

We at Cornerstone Engineering, Inc. value the communities we live and work in. We take great care to ensure all of our endeavors, whether inside or outside of the office, is to the best of our talent and ability. Please visit our Projects page to see our Commitment, Excellence, and Integrity at work.

Please visit the Project Warm Facebook page for more photos and information on how to get involved.