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About Our Company

Cornerstone Engineering Incorporated, founded in 2003, is an engineering and construction company with offices in Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Cornerstone’s principal, Mr. Chella Subram, serves as president of the Structural Engineers Association of Kentucky and has over 20 years of experience in the field of structural engineering. Additionally, our immensely talented and creative team of engineers, designers, drafters, and support staff has well over 175 years of combined experience.

This experience, along with our team’s unique and diverse skill set, has allowed us to provide both project management and project design for a wide range of clients throughout every sector. Our team of sub-consultants helps us provide management and consulting services in architecture and engineering alike, as well as in the structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical disciplines.

Our expertise has been trusted by clients in the government, commercial, industrial, healthcare, religious, and educational sectors—and our relationships with them have grown over time through deep mutual respect. Our many repeating clients (Louisville Water Company, Jefferson County Public Schools, Norton Healthcare, the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District, and more) are a testament to Cornerstone’s commitment to excellence and integrity in everything we do.

Cornerstone’s competency covers the entire spectrum of traditional building materials—steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, timber, and so on—as well as modern structural technology, such as fiber-reinforced polymer.

Our unique abilities are evidenced by our many certifications, accolades, and professional affiliations, but we also recommend a thorough survey of our projects, which are viewable here.