Restoration & FRP Strengthening


The company has built its reputation by solving complex challenges in water, wastewater and building sector. Cornerstone was among the first in the nation to use Fiber Reinforced Polymer, a strengthening technology that extends the useful life of aging infrastructure. Cornerstone, a certified FRP applicator, has successfully completed over 75 FRP projects. As a result, Cornerstone is sought after by clients from around the country who need smart thinking and innovative solutions for complex projects.

Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (GFRP) and Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) are used in structural engineering for their notable strength and elasticity. The FRP method has been used by experts in the repair and rehabilitation of buildings and structural elements across every industry.

Broad Applications – Cornerstone has been using this technology for cost effectively strengthening aging buildings including historic facilities, water & wastewater treatment and pumping facilities. Cornerstone continues to increasing its use as a cost-effective solution suitable for various applications.

Durable – Cornerstone’s clients have found that corrosion resistant FRP lasts as long as or longer than traditional reinforcement methods. It is also known to be effective for bridges in areas with seismic and hurricane forces.

Significant Cost Saving – FRP is often less expensive than other reinforcement methods and can also often be applied with ease to avoid costly closures or delays.

Sustainable –The FRP method is one by which a client can “take care of what they already have.” Lowering the need for demolition or massive construction this product in turns helps lower the carbon footprint.